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We afresh got a cat from our bounded Humane Society. He is a three-year-old male. His cage agenda said he wasn’t acceptable with added cats. It wasn’t until we got home that we saw the paperwork additionally said he doesn’t like dogs either. We don’t accept cats, but we do accept a 5-year-old Shar Pei. He bloodied the dog’s adenoids during the aboriginal encounter.

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It’s been added than six months now. The cat is contrarily actual accessible with bodies and loves to be brushed and cuddled in our bed. But he is like a ninja with the dog. These aren’t big battles anymore; the dog knows to accord the cat space. But the cat seems to taunt the dog. He waits abaft corners to advance the poor dog and sits in the dog’s admired spots. I anticipate he does this on purpose. What can we do to abash this behavior? — Chuck, St. Paul, MN

Your cat is the ascendant “dog” in the abode and has set the accent for his interactions with your Shar-Pei. Even admitting your dog gives the cat a advanced berth, you can abash the cat’s alarming behavior by acclaim affective him forth aback he looks like he is about to hunt or pounce. Then rub a little dab of hairball gel assimilate his top paw. He will activate beating it off and should lose absorption in alarming the dog, both instantly and hopefully over time.

Also, get your cat a alpine cat timberline — at atomic six-foot tall. Bodies like to ascend and beam their apple from above, so this may abate contiguous encounters with the dog. Rub a little catnip or leave a catnip toy or treats on the accomplished belvedere to animate your artful to ascend up the cat tree.

If affective your cat forth doesn’t abash him, agitate a can of bill aback he looks like he is about to pounce, or use article alleged a Pet Corrector (available online), which emits a aeroembolism air complete that will abstract your cat and hopefully abash him from jumping the dog.

I accept four indoor-only cats. They ambit in age from 2- to 6-years-old. Our botheration adolescent is a 5-year-old changeable cat called Trinity. Before we adopted her at four months old, Trinity absent a leg from a dog bite.

When we brought her home, she didn’t use the clutter box. She acclimated the couch instead. Afterwards three days, we took her to the vet who said she had ringworm. Trinity was put into abreast and accustomed sulfur baths for the ringworm for about two months. We visited her consistently to accumulate her accustomed with us. Aback we brought her home, we noticed that loud noises beatific her running. She began to use the clutter box regularly, and we had no added issues. We had a accomplishment cat that lived with us for six months, and a additional cat that was injured. We confused about two years ago, and aggregate was fine.

Recently, we had workers in the abode and, anon after, we bent Trinity urinating on the rugs in the kitchen, bath and laundry room. Some of these rugs were appropriate abutting to the litterboxes she had been application for over a year. She was put on antibiotics for a accessible UTI, and Prozac for stress. We adulation to be able to put the rugs aback bottomward after accepting to ablution them daily. Any suggestions? — Jeannetta, Abingdon, Virginia

I am animated you disqualified out bloom issues first. Trinity’s aboriginal alarming life, however, may accept shaped her poor clutter box habits. Aback bodies are ailing or stressed, they generally abstain the clutter box. Stress, like the acting bodies advancing in and out of the home or the strangers alive in your home, can all be triggers for her urinating alfresco the box.

If you charge to advance added cats, aloof apperceive this is a acceptable activate for her. Leave the rugs off the attic for now and baptize a clutter box attractant (available online or at a pet store) to attract her aback to the box. Aback the clutter box addiction is absolutely restored, put the carpets out afresh one at a time to see how she reacts, befitting the carpets abroad from the litterbox breadth for now.

Also, put several boxes throughout the home and in places area she can’t be startled. With cats, it generally takes a aggregate of strategies to accompany them aback to the box.

Cathy M. Rosenthal is a longtime beastly advocate, author, columnist and pet able who has added than 25 years in the beastly abundance field. Send your pet questions, belief and tips to cathy@petpundit.com. Please accommodate your name, city, and state. You can chase her @cathymrosenthal.

3 Questions To Ask At Pet Cats | Pet cats – Pet cats
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